Tool steel from Villares Metals

Villares Metals Tool Steel

Sturdell Industries USA is the strategic partner of Villares Metals, a semi-integrated steel mill located in Sumare Brazil.  Villares Metals has a long history of supplying the US market with the highest quality tool steels, high speed steels, and stainless steels.  Sturdell Industries USA is proud to offer Villares Metals materials directly to the US market.


VF800AT is the first branded product offered through the Sturdell / Villares Metals partnership.  VF800AT is an 8% chromium, cold work tool steel characterized by an optimum combination of wear resistance and toughness.  For additional stock and pricing information on VF800AT or any other Villares Metals material please inquire at or contact your local Sturdell Industries sales representative.

VF800AT is suitable for applications, such as thread rolling dies and thread rollers, minting tools and cutting and drawing dies.

DIN | WNr: –
Hardness (HRc): 56 – 62
Chemical composition:

C% Si Cr% Mo% V% Nb
0.85 0.90 8.40 2.00 0.50 0.15


VF800AT Datasheet

VF800AT Presentation

VF800AT on Villares website